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March 2022

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These monthly highlights provide a prayer focus, background information, key points, and suggestions for getting others involved.

This Month's Prayer Focus

For women facing unplanned or challenging pregnancies to receive the counsel, resources, encouragement, and support they need to choose life.

This Month's Prayer Focus

When a woman is facing an unexpected or challenging pregnancy, she may not know where to turn. Without a strong support system, she may feel alone, abandoned, overwhelmed, and afraid. Amid challenging circumstances and pressure from friends, family, or even the child’s father, she may come to believe that abortion is her only option. However, pregnancy care organizations can be found in communities across the country, both large and small alike. And they are filled with compassionate staff and volunteers who want to “walk with” her throughout her pregnancy and beyond.


Pregnancy care organizations offer comprehensive help to women in need, from allowing moms to first glimpse their child through an ultrasound, to providing parenting classes, mentorship, and material support. Pregnancy care organizations bring together vast networks of resources to make sure women are supported every step of the way.


Heartbeat International, for example, was founded in 1971 as the first network of pro-life pregnancy help organizations in the world. It remains the largest organization of its kind, connecting more than 3,000 service providers worldwide. These providers include pregnancy centers, maternity homes, adoption agencies, medical centers, and more. In 2020 alone, their network of providers documented over 5 million client visits, nearly 500,000 free ultrasounds, and 388,970 mothers choosing life for their children.


We know that 80% of women considering abortion choose life once they see their child via an ultrasound. By connecting women in need with the life-affirming resources in their community, mothers can be empowered to choose life for their children. The tireless efforts of pregnancy care organizations need our support to continue to provide this life-saving support so that no woman ever feels that abortion is her only option.

Key Points

Here are some points to consider in response to a common argument in favor of keeping the “status quo."  

“Who will help the women who can’t get abortions?” 


The church will never cease to do what it has always done—to pray, work, and serve until and beyond the day when every human life is protected in law and welcomed in love. Until that day comes, and ever after, we will continue to care for women and children in need, so that every mother has the support to joyfully choose life. Pro-life Americans of all faiths have stepped forward to found thousands of pregnancy care centers and can be counted on to provide even more help as needed. 

Get Others Involved

Pick one idea from the list to do this month, or come up with your own!

  • Pray for this month’s intention with others around the country during the monthly Pray for Dobbs prayer call on Thursday, March 17 at 8 PM EDT. (Call-in: 667-770-1244 / Participant code: 3318631#)

  • Volunteer. Pregnancy help organizations are located throughout the country. (You can visit Heartbeat International’s website to find organizations in your local community.) CareNet and Birthright International are two other networks of pregnancy help organizations. Contact a pregnancy support organization in your area and ask how you can get more involved.

  • Donate. Pregnancy help centers are always in need of both material supplies and volunteers. Support them financially or donate your time and talents. Consider organizing a fundraiser to benefit your local pregnancy center or sponsor a drive through at your church. (Your local pregnancy support centers can provide you with a list of their most needed items like diapers, formula, or baby clothes.)

  • Spread the word! Many people are unaware of the broad range of services and support that pregnancy centers offer. Find your local pregnancy center and share what you learn with your church and your social networks.

Key Points
Get Others Involved
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