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April 2022

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These monthly highlights provide a prayer focus, background information, key points, and suggestions for getting others involved.

This Month's Prayer Focus

To help men who are told not to have an opinion on abortion understand that they have an extremely important role in the pro-life cause. To encourage and equip men to advocate for the rights of the unborn and properly support and care for the women in their lives who may be facing unplanned or challenging pregnancies.


The pro-abortion lobby decries men’s involvement in a decision they claim only affects a woman. “It’s a woman’s body, so it ought to be her choice,” they say. Some prominent men who are pro-abortion, have been quick to share their belief that a doctor’s office is too small for a patient, their doctors, and the U.S. government. Where does that leave men? Is the doctor’s office too small for fathers?


Men are told not to speak regarding unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. They are told that because they themselves can never be pregnant, they cannot have an opinion—at least not one that isn’t unreservedly pro-abortion. However, one does not have to directly experience something to know if it is good or bad. And whenever it is clear that something is morally wrong, everyone has an obligation to speak out against it.


Men have a vital role to play in the pro-life cause. Perhaps part of the reason why legal abortion has persisted for so long is because men have been discouraged from embodying biblical manhood. We need men to be courageous and come to the defense of the most vulnerable among us: the unborn.


The good news is that the percentage of men in America who are pro-life is on the rise. According to recent Gallup polls, 50 percent of men said they were pro-life in 2021, compared with 46 percent in 2019. But we still have work to do. By encouraging men to speak up, donate their time and resources, and love their families well, we can continue to change the narrative. 

Key Points

“What Can Men Really Do?” 


First and foremost, men can love their families. Fathers who are physically and emotionally present in the home have a huge impact on a child’s wellbeing and family stability. Many women who undergo abortions do so because they feel like they have no support. When the father supports the woman and their unborn baby, the mother is more likely to choose life. When appropriate, some men may be in a position to share their stories of how abortion has hurt them or how it has stolen their chance to know their child in this earthly life. Stories are one of the most powerful ways to change people’s perspectives and hearts and offer encouragement to those who suffer that there is healing after abortion. Finally, men can donate their time, money, and other resources to support the pro-life movement and local pregnancy resource centers.

Get Involved

Pick one idea from the list to do this month, or come up with your own!

  • Pray for this month’s intentions with others around the country during the monthly Pray for Dobbs prayer call on Thursday, April 21 at 8 PM EDT. (Call-in: 667-770-1244 / Participant code: 3318631#)

  • Get Involved. Pregnancy help organizations are located throughout the country and often have initiatives to help a father support the mother and their child. Find a pregnancy help organization in your local community by visiting the websites of Heartbeat International, CareNet, and Birthright International. Contact one in your area and ask how you can get more involved. Or, research online what other fatherhood initiatives exist to support men in embracing their role, and consider how you could get involved.

  • Donate. Pregnancy resource centers are always in need of both material supplies and volunteers. Support them financially or donate your time and talents. Consider organizing a fundraiser to benefit your local pregnancy resource center or sponsor a collections drive at your church. (Your local pregnancy resource centers can provide you with a list of their most needed items like diapers, formula, or baby clothes.)

  • Spread the word! Many people are unaware of the broad range of services and support that pregnancy resource centers offer. Find your local pregnancy center and share what you learn with your church and social networks.

This Month's Prayer Focus
Key Points
Get Involved
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